100% or Title Completion
1 year ago
Wisconsin, USA

Could we add a section for completing or 100% for beating level 138 (D8)? I think it would be much more challenging and impressive to earn the title. I think this would be a 20-25 minute run.

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Västra Götaland, Sweden

If you make a legit run I'll gladly add it as category :)

Västra Götaland, Sweden

I got back to this, and tried doing the 100% completition... I got to round 50-55 every time, after that the cpu AI just reads your input. So if you can manage a run for that, I'll add it defently. And I think we are talking closer to 50-60min at the end. 50-55 took me 20+.

Did however add Flag% for now and completed a run, so feel free to compete there :)

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Awesome stuff JK

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Wisconsin, USA

I’m working on beating every game and once I got to the 50’s I was obliterated, but I’ve been basically doing it blind. I’ve seen 3 videos of people making it that far, but One is just a copy of Neneiki’s one and I don’t know if Kelsy uses save states. Sent a text to find out.

Wisconsin, USA

I am curious if there is a buffer strat or manipulation that hat can be done like Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.

Västra Götaland, Sweden

Yeah my highest out of 3-4 attempts was 58 I believe. I did notice, stalling until cops drive by once usually reset their "behavior". If you know how to wrap, I would recomend any time you get the edge of your own, wrap around, but do it all the way, so if you get hit, you don't lose.

After checking your video, it makes so much sense. I was trying to block and punch, not parry and punch. It seems like a parry+quick punch is fast enough to get pass any blocking the cpu can do.

With this knowledge I'll try again tonight to see if I can beat it.

Wisconsin, USA

Here’s the research I did and sent to Kelsy for his video. I don’t know if I’ll have the skill to go the distance anymore, but will have to lay down attempts in the future when I get a chance. Hope it helps you. This was based off the 2 videos that were available of people going all the way - just not sure if they were legit or save stated.

Up to level 45 - you can exclusively use hard hit, but may want to mix in some softer ones, particularly in RNG hell.

Level 30 - AI jump. Before this is was all training wheels, you will need to start dodging, but only when your he CPU has you backpedaling, otherwise full offensive unless you lose rhythm.

Level 46 - AI jump. Start with hard hit (RNG luck) need to start using softer hits. Once soft hit lands, can switch back to hard hits in rhythm. If you lose rhythm at any point, you need to dodge CPU attack first and get back to rhythm.

Round 56 - AI jump. Soft hit will be your main offense. Retire the hard hit - it’s too slow and will be almost always be dodged. Further, retire the fist attack, you will exclusively dodge and counter attack with a quick hit. You may be able to squeak one in, but risky.

Round 66 - Final AI jump. All risk should be removed. You will start every fight with a dodge and priced to counter attack with a quick hit.

That’s it without knowing the coding involved which may allow manipulations with police and flower pots - these may be pattern or static time based. I didn’t get that deep into the research. :)

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