TAS 5 dodge strat
2 years ago
Pennsylvania, USA

Hey all I have always been curious about this run. I put it in for a few minutes yesterday and had fun so I'm reaching out for some future understanding. My first question is why don't runners do the 5 dodge first round like the TAS? Is it because it makes round 2 slower? I'm Imagining with out the TAS slide you can move fast enough. This leads me to the TAS slide, what are the inputs that makes this happen? Thanks for your help

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I'm not 100% sure, but here is what I remember:

Getting the step back needed to do it in 5 is really really hard. Not impossible, think you can lose a couple of pixels in total. add that the enemy not punching for 5 step backs are really unlikely(I've done it, had it happen, several times, so nothing impossible). So I have in all fairness tried it enough, for the second part of my theory why I didn't go for it.

Second part of the trick unless you do the TAS slide is just slower, by quite a lot if I recall right? 0.5 seconds or so when you combine 1 and 2. The tas slide I think is really hard on dpad?

backward slide inputs are RLLRLLRLLRLLRLL and forward LRRLRRLRRLRRLRR without any lost frames. You could maybe do it for long enough to make it viable tho. The main key of making the strat work is getting down the number of punches required to the same as the original strat.

The reason you need to punch more times is because of your position on the second screen. doing the 3 dodge strat will put you futher to the right of the 2nd screen, requiring 3 light punches, or 1 light and 1 heavy(faster I believe, but discovered it after my grind). While the other one requires 3 heavy punches(might be more) or 8 or so light punches? don't recall the numbers, but was quite a bit more at least.

Would love to see you work it out and would defently bring me back to the game now that I have original hardware and such.

Pennsylvania, USA

Thanks guys, this has me curious now. I did some grinding, and I've gotten round one in 5 dodges a few times now, but there's usually at least one enemy punch. On top of that, having to get through more punches in round 2 makes this pretty frustrating. I did get two 31's and a 30.X with these strats, but I've yet to get it with three perfect rounds. Really want to see if this can save time without the TAS slide!

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