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I Had An Idea About A 100% Category Where You Do Neutral, Pacifist And Genocide In That Order. IDK I Just Think That Would Be Fun xD


There's already All Endings. Which is a lot more endings than the ones you described.

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You could just make a new category where it is a shorter version of all endings


At the point where you're making arbitrary categories it just becomes needlessly stupid, though. You could make categories that are literally ANY goal, most of the misc ones already are dumb.

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this is basically what soulless pacifist is except you do geno first

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All Endings AYC All Fun Events 1.00 And 1.001 All Unused Rooms (Must Disable Dogcheck And Hack Saves)


I mean I don't agree with this but I think undertale needs more categories and needs to get rid of the stupid ones no one runs like frisk mode or lesserdog

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That's literally Soulless pacifist reversed.

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