Undertale KPS dropbox folder

A link to the official KPS dropbox folder. All official versions will be shared here, managed by Jade personally. (external link)

By JadeNVanadium

Undertale Mash Practice Tool

This tool takes your textbox mashing as an input and gives you detailed statistics on how you did to help you improve. The tool continues to receive input even after losing focus, so you can mash in the Undertale game window and it will still be picked up by the tool. NOTE: Your antivirus might pick up on this file because of the way it works. I can provide the source code on request, and I'll try to get a github page at some point. (direct download)

By OceanBagelOceanBagel

Undertale NohBoard Config

a .kb file to display only the undertale relevant keys on NohBoard. Just put it in the folder with all the other .kb files and you can select it under the "Games" section in NohBoard settings. Useful if you want to display your inputs on a stream but don't want 80 unnecessary keys. (direct download)

By Captain L

Updated Nohboard Layout

This is an updated version of the old nohboard layout. The old one didn't have ctrl, so i added it. Put this .kb file in your nohboard folder. Start up nohboard, right click, and click settings. This will bring up a menu. Set the keyboard category to "Games", and set the keyboard the name of the file. This will select the nohboard layout. (direct download)

By xandertje10xandertje10


All Punch Card saves

51 saves before most skips where the punch card saves time, or otherwise before major points in the game. TPE route, but includes a lvl 4 save before Asgore (neutral). (direct download)

By Lobo2meLobo2me

All Saves

All saves needed for your Undertale speedrunning enjoyment! (external link)

By smellyfeetyouhave (Narry)

Early Punch Card Save Files

These are the files necessary for the Early Punch Card category. Use these files if you wish to run the category. (direct download)

By Rhombu

Genocide Bosses

The two hardest parts of the Genocide path, other than getting a decent time in Snowdin, are the Undyne and Sans fights. It would likely drive a lot of people away if the only chance they had to practice the fights was when they got to said fights, and even then they'd probably be behind the leading splits because of item use. I'm providing this for common courtesy, though the other save file was found on Reddit since I didn't feel like going through the worst parts of the game to get to Undyne and then just stop there. I'm not sure where Undertale's files are saved on non-windows platforms, but on Windows it's C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\UNDERTALE. The only thing you can't fully replace just by altering appdata files is finishing the Genocide run, so you still have to wait ten minutes between complete runs as a minimum. (direct download)

By EsperEsper

IL Approved Save Files

This file contains approved save files for the Individual Levels board. Includes saves for all 3 categories, with the correct items and for each, and correct LV and Kill Counts for Genocide. (direct download)

By ShayyShayy

Kindergarten Undyne

Save file used for practicing Kindergarten Undyne in TPE Glitchless. Puts you in the Undyne Area with 1 Bisicle. (direct download)

By SilverSilver

Neutral Practice Save Files

Neutral ending practice save files, for practicing Neutral speedrunning. (direct download)

By fixylolfixylol

New Game+ Glitchless Save

These are the optimal save files for New Game+ Glitchless, including the Mettaton fight intro skip and the Sans judgment hall skip. (direct download)

By OceanBagelOceanBagel

New Game+ Save File

This is a save file for the New Game+ category, which has already defeated Photoshop Flowey. This allows for Monstertale and Flowey to be skipped. Reset on the main menu of the game to start the run. (direct download)

By Rhombu

Non-PCE (Genocide) Lab Skip Save

Use this to practice the Genocide Lab Skip. (direct download)

Weapon skill improving

You can improve your weapon handling skills on Endogeny with this save. Endogeny is the best to do this on because he does not attack once met his spareable condition and he is invincible. (direct download)

By obbbbbbbobbbbbbb


Undertale Splits

These are the basic splits for all of the main categories, to be used on LiveSplit. You can customize them to your liking. (direct download)

By jdlinkmaster


1.001 Linux on Windows patches

This includes a patch for matching the runner version to the 1.001 Linux version as well as patching the 1.001 Windows to a 1.001 Linux These patches are legal for use in any runs on the Undertale leaderboard. (direct download)

By OceanBagelOceanBagel

Downpatch 1.08 to 1.05

This patch can be applied to the of version 1.08 to downpatch it to 1.05. This patch is approved for official runs, as the resulting game is an exact match to the official 1.05 release of Undertale. (direct download)

By OceanBagelOceanBagel

Mad Dummy Skip Practice Mod

Mods for practice mad dummy skip that tells you how many frames early/late you were. Apply to an unmodified 1.001 linux (direct download)

By willyjwillyjwillyjwillyj

Weapon Practice Mod

This mod makes it easier to practice weapon attack patterns. Apply the patch to version 1.001 Linux using Floating IPS. See the included README.txt for more details (direct download)

By willyjwillyjwillyjwillyj