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5 years ago
Virginia, USA

Been playing this game since the early 90s. It is one of my favorites. I've been getting better and better at it over the years until recently I broke 30 minutes for the first time a few weeks ago. Quickly lowered that to 25, 22, 21, 20 (high) and just recently 20:27 (normal any%). Just submitted that run. In awe of TheUnicornSid's WR. I'll never get there :). Hope others here enjoy this game as much as I have!

New York, USA

hey @ArchHokie06 keep it up! if you need any help Im always here :)

Virginia, USA

Appreciated! I think I have another 30-45 seconds in me without figuring a few new things out. I didn't exactly have a great run despite the PR. Battleship and Conveyor Belt were particularly bad. I'm going to keep trying to progress. I probably won't submit another video unless I can get below Hayate's old WR.

I'm also up for trying other challenges like all bosses, 100%, etc if there's ever a desire for new categories!

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New York, USA

I would love to add new categories if we had people to figure out strats, make route etc. There was discussion about 100% in the past

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