New Main Category Added (Arcade)
4 years ago
Utrecht, Netherlands

I recently received a Tweet from @crazeyawesome mentioning about an Arcade version of this game and whether we sould add it or create a new game on SR. After watching the VOD, it really feels the same game, just with a graphic overhaul. Henceforth, a new category is added! With this said, please welcome our new moderator, @crazeyawesome ! Also @Sidarino has become a moderator after his long service and contribution to this game / community!

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Wisconsin, USA

Will likely keep the starting and ending rules the same as the SNES version for some consistency there.

The arcade game has no different difficulty levels, so I think Any%, Any% Co-Op, and One Credit Clear% would make good sub-categories for this run. Let me know what you guys think, I can't figure out how to change it right now for the life of me anyways lol

The game should run on any arcade emulator that supports Capcom CPS-1. The differences of the emulators have not been tested, so if people find out any major differences we should probably discuss it here. happy shmuping!

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