100% runs?
8 years ago

Can we make this a thing yes no?!

Texas, USA

Hey quake. Good idea, but that would technically make 4 more categories. Might be too much? idk.


but it would all stages because 100% would buy all the planes?


YES,but in 100% what to do? all stages and bonus stages? and buy all the planes thinking face

New York, USA

I know this is very late and all but, with all honesty I can see this actually happening and a route actually being made. Although, I'm well aware that it would probably be too much categories since it will be for all difficulties as well, but also I'm not sure how much people would run it. I would definitely run it but maybe not other runners. I'm pretty sure it would be all stages including mini stages, all power ups (including hidden ones) and all planes. Also, this can kinda be seen as a lengthy run, kinda making it a little boring; Ex: The ship boss you will have to go around 1 whole time to get the hidden star power up. It depends also on what runner find fun and not fun......i am probably just overthinking it. Maybe I can set up a test video and see how long it would be on easy. In my opinion, maybe it will add at least a minute more to the run on easy but hard and gamer possibly more.

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Utrecht, Netherlands

It has been 2 years since the last post. So I have reworked some categories (more in layout and esthetic purposes) and have to think where to put the 100% and what it would include. In general 100% will mean get everything / do everything within a certain gamefile. Since selecting difficulty is a different aspect / Point of view, it will not fall under this same 100%. Meaning a 100% run would have 4 sub categories (easy/normal/hard/gamer). Why??? Well I see other games have this same approach. With Super Mario Kart, a 100% run would be GP 150cc and not include 50cc/100cc, since you do everything litterally twice or trice. Zelda BotW has a 100% but only on Normal / Master mode, not both. If you wish to have a 100% including all difficulties, sure but we need to call it something else. But like @Sidarino meantioned in this comment. Would anyone run this? To me I can add this within a snap. I give anyone the freedom to do whatever he/she likes as long it's categorized the right way with a good setup. I'm a moderator, not a dictator, meaning I make things happen not decide it. If you happen to be the only one running it. I'm not the one to ruin your dream, just heads-up, it's cold up in the sky, specially if you are also alone.

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