Game Crashing
3 years ago

Basically my game has no problems with loading areas and things, but the moment I pause the game it just instantly crashes. My game disc does have some scratches, but this only recently started happening. If anyone can help me that would be cool


Well I'm on Wii and this is my only gc game that has any problems with crashing (except for Melee, but it has tons of scratches so its pretty obvious it would crash) and I find it extremely odd that it only happens when I pause, but no where else

Phoenix, AZ, USA

I know this is 2 years late but...the most passive aggressive video game i've ever seen "Oh you want to take a break??? FINE! Hmmph"

Also how tf do you live in ANTARTICA??? bro the penguin frfr O_o


Two years old but discs are weird. I have a galaxy 2 disc that is scratched. got it resurfaced and everything works but a single star. Depending on wear the scratches are/how deep certain things may not work.

Keep in mind as well that on discs (At least Wii games) there's data layers under the graphic as well. So there may be scratches you cant see.

Would recommend getting it resurfaced if you can. This can also help load times if you plan on running!

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