Challenge Categories (Please read before posting)
7 years ago
Alabama, USA

In the past several months, there have been many threads started that have been asking us to add many of what we call "challenge categories". Most of challenge categories consist of "Low BP" or "Pit of 100 Trials Before Hooktail" and whatnot. We were very reluctant to allow a Google Document that has a leaderboard of sorts to be linked in a thread here so people could submit their times for these various "categories". However, after this challenge leaderboard was created, there were very few runs ever submitted in the months that it was linked here. We (the moderators) have decided that enough is enough. We have a post dedicated to discussing the issues of these categories on the top of this forum if you want to read into more of why we are reluctant to allow these category discussions. From June 1st, 2016 onward, we will delete any threads that pertain to any "challenge categories" on the spot.

We have a link for a Discord server available for those wanting to discuss these categories and what-not at the bottom of this post. We advise joining this Discord server and keep conversations there, but we will not allow for discussions about this subject going forward on this site. This is not a Discord server that was created by the SRC moderators, rather those that are in control of the challenge leaderboard.

The main purpose of these forums is to promote discussion and to ask questions regarding tricks, routing, glitches, and any other various questions regarding the main categories of the game that we have on this site.

Challenge Category Discord Server:

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