100% Counter

JAR file. Counter for Star Pieces, Shine Sprites, Badges, Recipes, and Tattles. (direct download)

By Aaaboy97

Cheat Engine Tables

Cheat Engine tables of addresses for all versions of the game. (The Lua scripts in the tables are required to run in order for the tables to function properly.) (direct download)

By ZephilesZephiles, PistonMinerPistonMiner, Jdaster64, aldelaro5aldelaro5

French Chapter 3 Conditions

This contains all of the French conditions in Chapter 3 that appear in the Minor League when the sequence is past Chapter 3. (direct download)

By ZephilesZephiles

Icon Pack

Various TTYD images (direct download)

By SjorecSjorec

Italian Chapter 3 Conditions

All of the Italian conditions from Chapter 3. (direct download)

By ZephilesZephiles, SjorecSjorec

Japanese Chapter 3 Conditions

All of the Japanese conditions from Chapter 3. (direct download)

By ZephilesZephiles, LinkumsLinkums, SjorecSjorec

Miscellaneous Cheat Codes

Miscellaneous cheat codes for all versions of the game. Codes may be added upon request. (direct download)

By ZephilesZephiles, PistonMinerPistonMiner, RalfRalf, Jdaster64

Practice Codes

Practice codes to be used on console or emulator. (external link)

By ZephilesZephiles

Sequence Position Values

A list of all of the sequence position values in the game. (direct download)

By aldelaro5aldelaro5, ZephilesZephiles

Wii Game Region Changer

In order to play the Japanese version of this game on a non-Japanese Wii, you need to change the game region of your Wii to Japanese. This zip file includes full instructions and all the resources required to do so. (direct download)

By ZephilesZephiles

Zombie Hover/Mashing App

Extract then put it in the app folder on your SD card. You can launch this app through Homebrew on your Wii and it monitors your button presses for A and B to let you know how fast you are mashing them. (direct download)

By phofe


All Crystal Stars Route Saves (w/ palace skip)

Optimal route saves for All Crystal Stars (direct download)

By ed58ed58

All Stars Route Saves (Japanese, no PS)

Various saves all over the game for the All Stars Japanese route. (direct download)

By ZephilesZephiles

Any% Japanese Route Saves (Pianta Parlor Route)

Various saves all over the game for the Any% Japanese route that uses the Pianta Parlor. (direct download)

By ed58ed58

Bingo Files

Files for use during bingo races. All versions. (direct download)

By SjorecSjorec

Generic Saves

Generic saves for all versions of the game. (direct download)

By aldelaro5aldelaro5

Various Saves

Various saves throughout the game for all versions, mainly set on using all 4 save slots for major tricks/areas of the game to practice. (direct download)

By Various community members


100% Japanese

Splits for the 100% Japanese route. (direct download)

By ShuckleShuckle

All Crystal Stars

Splits for the All Crystal Stars route. (direct download)

By Yoshi_ZillaYoshi_Zilla


For all Any% routes. I left some segments out due to possible route variations, so feel free to edit them, of course. (direct download)

By SjorecSjorec


For all glitchless routes (direct download)

By SjorecSjorec