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1 year ago

What does everybody use to record and time the game? Thanks

Florida, USA

Pretty much everyone uses LiveSplit to time runs, which is like a program that times speedruns along with gathering data on your runs that is pretty helpful. The download is free and there are a ton of tutorials online to learn how to use it. As for recording, I use OBS, which is a free recording software, along with a capture card to record gameplay directly from my console. A capture card isn't necessary, but it does make the quality of your runs a lot more nice. If you plan on running on emulator, then you wouldn't need worry about that since you're able to just record the application directly from OBS. Also, keep in mind, depending on what category you run, video proof may not be required depending on what your final time is. The cutoff for the video proof requirement is listed in the category rules. Hopefully this helped

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