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6 years ago
New Hampshire, USA

This forum serves the purpose of intercommunication in regards to discussion of TSSM speedruns, the routing of them and any query from those who aren't acquainted to spongebob community discords.

What this includes and does not:

  1. You may not make threads provoking other runners, demeaning the speedrun or overstating your actual skill level (i.e. claiming false times). -This isn't recommended, as it will display your deeply low intelligence and lack of common sense in a constructive setting.

  2. You may not post irrelevant content, or directly try to stimulate off-topic conversations. (This includes vulgar insults, bigotry, hateful content or anything resembling it)

  3. You may not discuss splicing, cheating or any other forms of tampering with legitimate speedrunning conduct.

Establishing these guidelines will ensure our forums stay accurate, and clean of any toxic debris. Thank you :D

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