Are runs done on Mac allowed?
1 year ago
Pennsylvania, USA

There is an official disc version of this game on Mac and was wondering if a run on Mac would be allowed as there is nothing explicitly against it in the rules yet it isnt listed as an option when you submit a run

New Mexico, USA

I believe you are confusing the version of this game released on consoles (these leaderboards) with the PC point and click version of the game (found here: ). there is no PC/Mac port of this version.

Pennsylvania, USA

I know which one you are talking about because I originally was looking for a PC version of THQ's game then found this. Almost certain this is the same game but since there are no runs for it and I cant find gameplay I am not 100% sure.

Pennsylvania, USA

I am mainly going off of the difference in box art, to be completely honest though

Edit: Here's the only source I could find on it, not that Wikipedia is always accurately referenced but it seems legit, though the article fails to go into finer details of gameplay

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Minnesota, USA

awe games logo on the box, this is on mac, select "Macintosh" as your platform when you submit.

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Pennsylvania, USA

Thank you for the clarification, I didnt notice the Awe logo. I was practicing runs for this back whe. Coel had the WR still and before all the different categories but I no longer have any consoles to run this on so I was just looking for an alternative lol.

Minnesota, USA

emulator's allowed so if you have no other options you could always learn the game on dolphin

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