Can we talk about what we are considering Terroristhunt runs?

I'm cool with whatever i just would like it standardized. ya know. Lonewolf on
Enemy Density set

What would you guys like?


I also thought about this recently. I did casual and lone wolf off. Just because it is somewhat the standard setting and there were no rules.

But i think lone wolf off would be more interesting and would display the skill of the player a bit better. As for difficulty setting, if lone wolf off, I wouldn't say above medium. Or maybe different categories for the difficulty settings?

btw, congrats on your wr 🙂

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Yeah i would say lone wolf mode on. (no teamates) so you cant cheese it and it shows player skill.

Im ok with easy difficulty (at least as the default) since that is how we run single segment.

Enemy density is up to you guys. i'm honestly ok with them all.

And if you get a chance to watch the run, a fresh pair of eyes with routing would be appreciated.
It can easily go sub 1:20 as well.


Yeah I think casual is best for the difficulty setting.

I would say lowest or medium density at most. Personally I would prefer lowest, but medium would be fine too.

(And I will probably watch it tomorrow. I am too tired today to do anything productive)


Hej, grate to see there is interest in this game again 🙂

I'm planning to come back to it, and TH sounds like some quick and fun runs.

For the rules I would advocate for what ever is the fastes. Meaning difficulty: causal, lowest density and with your team.

Hope to see some good runs!


That would be what we did for the last few days. I see the reasoning behind it, but I also think that lone wolf would be better, just because it shows the mechanical skills of the player better. Although using the team correctly also takes some skill.... I would still prefer lone wolf I guess

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i mean if we wanna have team/notteam im ok with that. im not sure how much effort it is to make categories on this site since im not a mod.

but i think lonewolf/casual/low density.
and team/casual/low should be the other one

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That sounds like a good idea. Support!


ALSO: Can a mod fix the TH Leaderboards, please? There have been some co-op entries that are shown as the wr on the overview, but when looking at a specific map leaderboard seem not to exist because they are hidden behind the filter. TH: Kill House, for example.

Could someone make the view of single/ co-op more prominent (like creating different tabs), instead of hiding the co-op runs in the filters? And then maybe add co-op and single specific wrs to the overview? everything is super confusing, would be nice if somebody did something about it.


I'd also be willing to mod, if you guys want.

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lol.. Nice suggestions about the lone wolf ad teammates category. And with the single and co op category runs in very confuse sometimes because it takes the best overall run between the two modes. The best example is my 34 seg co op run ..

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Which is exactly what i want to separate. again, not sure how hard it is to make that many separate categories and keep it in check, since ive never been a mod, but i'd like to help out if one of the current mods would like me to.

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