Should modifying the game's files to change FOV be allowed?
2 years ago
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Title- I've noticed some PC runners using modified FOV's in their runs and we don't allow or disallow it in the rules. I have 2 concerns on this-

  1. This gives PC runners a slight advantage over console runners

  2. You could make a slippery slope argument that if you allow these changes to the game files then you could consider other more serious changes like modifying how much damage a weapon does.

With that being said, I don't think this should be banned. I'm for clarifying in the game's rules that you can modify your FOV on PC and we need to create a guide on how to do it. I just wanted to hear what you all thought about this.

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As someone who modifies their FOV I'd say it's pretty important to allow it. The default FOV is nauseating to use on PC if you're used to any games which allow you to raise it. It does give you an advantage over console users, but I'd argue keyboard and mouse is already such a huge advantage over controllers that it doesn't matter. Modifying files for a more objective advantage such as raising damage values would theoretically be possible without ever touching the FOV values. It's pretty simple to do if you follow this guide which could be linked to on the game page here:


As such, I have not tried the FOV yet, although I don't care if I use it or not.

Regarding the other I have been doing some tests and I have found that you can not only edit the Damage of X weapon but also things like

Reload speed, weight, walking speed with that weapon, recoil, even magazine size

Edit the number of grenades

Until changing how many enemies are spammed at the same time in TH, but the latter shows no indication of serving

My opinion is that if it is implemented, create a section apart from the general table, since I think the leadership table is fine like this

A guide / Community-approved Config Ini / Or a custom ini config

Regarding Fov, if I would agree with its use (even if I don't use it, I will give it a try at some point)+

And finally congratulations for being added as Mod @snipers_end

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