Terrorist Hunt PC category runs
2 years ago
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I see this has been talked about several times before in the forums but I think the PC and Console categories shouldn't be used for terrorist hunt (and Lone Wolf and Squad Enabled shouldn't be used for story mode, obviously). The existing runs in PC can be moved from PC to their appropriate category, they don't need to be deleted.

As a side note, the co-op terrorist hunt category could just be renamed co-op so co-op story mode ILs could be placed there.

Second side note that has also already been discussed: Could we get Terrorist Hunt leaderboards for all levels, including the night levels? Calypso Casino and Streets are great maps, I was surprised to see they weren't on here.

I'm already moderator on the Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield SRC leaderboards, if you all need help with this or anything else I'm happy to help out.

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Charlotte, NC, USA

Yeah you and maybe another active Terrorist Hunt runner should be brought into the fold. I can't do it myself, or I would. Hopefully Judgy or Solidus sees this and can hook you up.


Good idea the leaderboards need a fresh cover :D. And im think the same about the map pack (Calypso and Streets). I have a very old run of Streets (2:03 IGT) , but never requested to be added as a map xD.

United States

All changes have been implemented :)

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