Shield Zip Tutorial! :D
7 years ago
Charlotte, NC, USA

So, in my co-op run, you can see us use a glitch that allows us to clip through walls and out of bounds. We creatively dubbed this "shield glitching", and we first saw it used in Vegas 1 and implemented it in our run. Very important to note is the fact that this glitch ONLY works on the unpatched version of the game. The easiest way to get this game state is to own a physical copy of the game and disable live updates for the game.

The way it is performed is pretty simple: -First, obviously, you must have a shield in your loadout. You then go to the spot above or below where you want to go. (Example, in act 1 of our run, we use a shield glitch to skip the negotiation scene by warping into the next area.) -You then want to switch from ANOTHER weapon to the shield using the weapon switch button or the weapon select menu. While you are in the animation of pulling out the shield, you can set up the glitch by holding the cover button against an object you would otherwise be able to cover on. -The game doesn't have an animation for going into cover with the shield equipped, so it produces a glitched state where the game thinks you are in cover at the location you specified, when you are not. It holds this glitched state until you press the cover button again, at which point it zips you back to the location where you set it up, only the game DOES NOT account for your vertical position. -Therefore, if you attempt to cover again, higher or lower than you were previously, you will warp to the x/y coordinate were you set it up, and the vertical z coordinate where you triggered the warp. -Assuming your path from the trigger point to the setup point is not occluded by void (space outside the level, inside certain walls or floors), you will successfully warp!

If you can't replicate the glitch based on this short (and poorly written) guide, check out the first act of my co-op speedrun listed under the CONSOLE (co-op) tab. The glitch occurs around the 3:40 mark in the video. Good luck and happy running!

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Really, really old thread, but I had a question. Are you aware if there's any way to get this glitch to work on PC? PC base version is 1.00.59 so from what I understand I don't think it's possible.

Charlotte, NC, USA

Yeah I don't think it would be possible unless there's some physical release of an earlier patch. Maybe a launch day copy or something? lol

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