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Hey guys, So solid gave me mod,

If it is ok with everyone, i'd like to separate lone wolf on/off as a separate category, since it does change the pathing a little bit.

I would like to make sure everyone is ok with that before going ahead with it though. if we are against the idea we can leave it as is.

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Yep. Lone wolf would be more interesting changing the general routes with teammates for and abstract route...

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I'm not planning to run it as it is almost surly slower but that should not prevent others from running it 😃

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@Tigger77, all of the times i just posted yesterday were from solo without teammates. so while i think it may be faster it showcases a little more skill and movement vs having your squad kill guys offscreen.

I'll be working on this during my lunchbreak here in a few minutes.

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I'm definitely supporting this. Thanks man!

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(edited: )

I know you guys are cool with it, but for my runs are you ok with me validating or do you want someone else to?

Edit: hold off. When I get back to a computer I'm going to do some changes we will see if it works out.

Edit 2: basically I want to get a terrorist hunt category up on the front page along side the full game runs. Instead of having a separate page for each level. I'm going to give it a shot and see if it looks better or worse than what we have now. I'm just scared of it messing with the already done runs / messing with other parts of the leaderboards.

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I see the new collums with squad and lone wulf.

Shall we resubmit what we have there as well?

What runs go into the PC collum now?

Also, thanks for your work 🙂


specifically for terrorist hunt, ps3/xbox/pc all have the same timer, and since its ingame i dont see a problem for having them all under one.

the PC column should be for IL's of the campaign