Glitch Screen on start?
1 year ago
New York, USA

Started up a game this morning (Raspberry Pi v2, lr-nestopia) and mashed through to the game as I usually do.

Immediately, the screen was flashing as if I had cleared 4 lines and it just kept flashing for about 20 seconds. I tried to open my OBS as fast I could to record it, but before I could it was over.

Not sure if this is known, or even useful. Maybe it's interesting at least, just wondering if anyone else has encountered this before in emulation or actual hardware.

Aside from mashing through the start/option screens like I always do, I'm not sure what could have caused this. My best guess is maybe I pressed start on a frame during the demo when the computer had just completed a Tetris and the game got "stuck" flashing? Happy Friday everyone!

California, USA

If you pressed start while the demo was getting a Tetris, that would do it: