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6 years ago
Florida, USA

The board currently has me in third at 1324. But if you show Obsolete Runs, it has Reidood ahead of me at 1351 that is somehow obsoleted by his 1218. While I do love shiny trophies, I'd prefer to earn them squarely, and I request that this error be fixed to display the truth.

Thank You For Your Time

Florida, USA

I appreciate ya Schmidtty. I didn't want to be annoying and bother Toad with my incorrect score at the time so I left it alone. He accidently set my old yardage record as my PB.

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Florida, USA

I didn't notice it until today or I would have said something sooner. I just wanted to see what everyone else had ever done, and I was pretty surprised to see your 1351 pop up in 4th. This is an odd category, due to it not being a time, but rather more like a High Score.

They will get to it when they can, I'm sure. But I did want to make the error known. Accuracy is important to me. :)

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Florida, USA

Yeah, I'm sure they will read this and hopefully fix the scores for the sake of accuracy. I haven't done any "Single Game Rushing" runs in a long time, so I'm sure it'll be a matter of time till you top 1351 anyway. :)

I see you run this, Contra and Zelda II, plus you're a fellow Floridian! I run pretty much the same games, lol, I'll give ya a follow.

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Florida, USA

Honestly, I don't really intend to run that again, which is why I posted the thread. Pushing Contra under 11 minutes and working on Zelda II runs have been my focus. I actually did this and Baseball Stars runs to take a break. I don't have a Zelda II run yet though. Still working on a lot of the strats and making it through the end of the game without getting pulverized. :)

I actually followed you a week or so ago and subscribed to your YouTube channel after you landed on the Contra page and I realized that we both chose the two hardest games in all creation to speedrun. :p

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Florida, USA

Man, Zelda II can be very brutal, but there are lots of great resources and tutorials for it. I know this is the TSB forum so mods, forgive me if this isn't cool, but is an amazing resource for Zelda II (and Zelda I which I do want to learn to run too). The most important thing is to not rush it and not let it frustrate you too much, keep playing and practicing and you'll get so much better before you know it.

I don't think you followed my Twitch channel, I don't see ya, lol, but I did see that you subbed to my Youtube which is awesome, thank you so much! I subbed to your YT channel and followed your Twitch.

Anyway, back to TSB. I did plan to maybe get back to running "Most Rushing Yards - Single Game", but like you, I'm focused on Zelda II, Contra and even TSB "Win A Single Game" above that. if Toad or any other TSB mod sees the score and fixes it, that would be awesome, but if not, no big deal. You're a class dude for bringing this up and trying to ensure that the scores are accurate, even if it drops you a spot. You most certainly have my respect. :)

And yes, we both chose two of the most brutal games ever to run indeed! haha

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Florida, USA

I did try your Twitch channel but it tells me that "Unless I have a time machine, this content isn't available." :o

I can put up a solid 100% start in Zelda II, but I need a lot of practice with the end of the game. I still can't hit the Healer Glitch yet, so any% is out of the question until I can, but I've never been fond of those kinds of runs anyway. Eventually I'll get one on the board. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

I've been working Contra really hard lately. I even TAS'd the fastest US version run I know to exist at 9:42.96 recently, but my personal best is still only 11:05. I hope to hit 10:30, but as an "average masher", I don't think I can get to sub-10 without massive "mash training". I think MashyMashy is the only game that is more focused on single-button mashing than Contra. :p

I might come back to take other swings at TSB. It is the game I probably played the most as a kid, but most of the fun categories would be more for High Scores than for time. If they don't change it soon they'll force me to at least beat your 3rd place spot. Liquid_Husband called his 1418 "The Run", but I think 1500 is possible if you don't get blitzed on 2nd or 4th downs and you get the ball first in OT. But, as usual, that's easier said than done, yeah?

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Florida, USA

Oh whoops, I had my old Twitch username linked on here, it should work now if you click it again! :)

As far as Any% Z2, I haven't even tried that, I'm not a huge fan of super glitched out runs, but I might give it a shot one day. For now, I primarily run 100% All Keys, 1CC. The end of the game is very challenging, particularly the Valley Of Death and the Great Palace, just need lots of practice.

11:05 is a very impressive Contra time man! I am very green to running it (hence the 12:45 PB) and I really haven't even tried to figure out how mashing even works yet, lol. Some of the more "mash intensive" boss fights give me the most trouble. (The two bases and Waterfall boss)

1418 yards is an amazing run indeed, but I too think that 1500+ is possible. Blitzes definitely do tend to ruin these runs because the CPU defense is insanely fast and it's tough to really get anything going. Ideally, I try to make sure I'm kicking off in the first half and I try to recover an onside kick, that is ideal, but hardly EVER happens, lol. Then you have to ensure the game goes to overtime, and that is with near perfect execution of all backwards and forward runs. It's definitely a tough category, but that's what I like about it.

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Florida, USA

I've been working Contra steadily for the last 3 months. The hardest part to get over, for me, was the fear of instant death and making mistakes. Once I got comfortable with every level, I "loosened up" some and the game started to come to me, rather than the opposite. I'm sure if you keep at it, you'll hit your goals. Contra is a monster all its own, and I still feel that anyone who can beat the game in under 15 minutes should still feel proud of it. The boss that always ganks me up the most is JJ (Energy Zone). The best strategy is to just walk up and pulverize him, but he literally chooses what to do on the fly, so he often doesn't cooperate.

I've been thinking about trying the yards run with other combinations of players. I think Jerry Rice/John Taylor (JT's actually better than any SF RB's for the task) and Barry Sanders/Mel Grey (Detroit) could potentially hit 1500, but not with the same ease that Bo Jackson with Willie Gault or Sam Graddy (seriously, look at his RB stats carefully) can. The only reason I'd consider using either of them would be them both, but most especially SF, having really good special teams and often recover onsides better than the Raiders. Even Drew Hill/Earnest Givens (Houston) has that potential, but you'd have to be a masochist to try for 1500 with anyone under 69 base MS.

As for the timed run, well, I think the best run would work like...

You Kick -> Tackle Inside 3 -> Safety -> Bo Runs once, end of Q1 -> Bo Runs again, end of Q2 You Recieve -> Bo Runs a Third time, end of Q3, Bo Runs for the fourth and last time, end of game.

Sounds easy...but I can't even do the showboat run well enough (without Good or Excellent condition) to do it once. :o But if anyone can do the above, that record will probably stand. At least I think so. But it won't be me, as I don't like playing it that way. I think you could do it though. :D

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California, USA

I fixed it. I left it as the previous amount of yards because thats the video that it loaded up as. I browsed your YouTube and put in the 1351 instead. Should look correct now.

Edit: thanks for letting me know though sometimes I don't get these forum pop ups.

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Florida, USA

Sure thing boss. I know it wasn't a huge issue, but accuracy is important to me, and I believe to you all as well.

Many thanks! :)

Florida, USA

Thank you Toad! Sorry I didn't bring it up earlier when it happened, I just didn't want to bug you with it.

I actually find the Energy Zone boss easy, but I rarely get to him with the spread gun which makes the fight take annoyingly long, lol. Energy Zone as a whole is the level that gives me the most trouble. I can't wait to be good enough to not think about dying and just play.

I never even considered using a different team/combination of players since I thought the Bo/Gault combination was the best. But I am eager to see if one of those other combinations work well for you. I'm sure you will easily best 1351 very soon.

And yes, that is definitely the wet dream scenation for the timed game which literally NEVER works for me, haha. I honestly haven't been running TSB seriously at all for the last couple of months, but I do want to get back to try to run both categories. It's just that Z2 has consumed most of my speedrunning time lately, and I plan on getting into running Super Mario Bros and Zelda 1 which should be interesting, lol.

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Florida, USA

If you're doing a season run and Gault gets hurt (he really does more often than I expected), Sam Graddy can do exactly what Willie Gault does for this run. His speeds are identical, which is strange for a WR4. With him in reserve, there is really no other team than the Raiders to make these kinds of runs

Energy Zone gives everyone problems. The 3-Frame "Exo" section and the 2-Frame "Leap of Faith" right after it are just absurd on their own. The level itself is hard too, just in construction. Once you find comfort with it, you'll be okay. It just takes the work. :) There are several in-depth walkthroughs of what you can do and what to expect. Lanks is a wonderful person to learn from, as he is open with all of his knowledge in spite of holding the record tight.

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