One Final Category?
4 months ago
Washington, USA

I am curious if anyone is interested in one final category being added to Tecmo Super Bowl. I think it's different enough to justify:

I've been playing the "10 Goals" category of Ice Hockey a bit, and I think it's a great idea that could translate to Tecmo Super Bowl. In that run, you do not have to run out the game clock. You score 10 goals as fast as possible, and you're done. Because of the variety of ways to score in football, we'd just say "X Points" and then you stop the clock. Timer would stop on the full fade-out after any cutscenes involving the final score (touchdown/field goal/safety).

I'd also like to hear some thoughts from TSB runners. One big question I'd like opinions on is: how many points should be required to complete the run? Last but not least, if anyone has any questions regarding this category, feel free to ask.

Michigan, USA

I plan on running this soon and I would be down for a point run. It would be different enough to be justified I feel


I don't think "different enough to be justified" really applies here. When I read this post, my first thought was "Doesn't this exact category already exist?" Then I went and stared at the points% category for about 3 minutes before I realized that the only difference is that you also have to end the game in that category. So if this category were to be created, the method would essentially be "Do exactly what you did for the other category, except get your final points as quickly as possible instead of running the clock."

I have no objections to the speedrun categories that currently exist, and as a speedrunner and Tecmo Super Bowl player I've happily indulged in all of them. But I also firmly believe that the more categories a game has that involve something other than a standard victory condition, the less meaning they all end up having. In this instance I would say that this category would be too similar to the points% category.

Washington, USA

Very true Cardinality. I think if I could go back in time, I would revise Points% to something more akin to this, where the clock stops immediately on X points being obtained. I do agree it's similar to Points%, but I also believe "X Points" would've been a better category overall. Every other category already requires running out the game clock, and that's the worst part of any sports speedrun. This would've been unique, but also I think it may be a bit late since Points% already exists.

New Jersey, USA

10 goals categories in games like Ice Hockey and Blades of Steel open the games up to more players. If the categories in those games weren't "10 Goals" but were "10 Goals and Finish the Game" they wouldn't be as popular. As a more casual speedrunner, I wouldn't be interested in doing that type of run, and I don't have interest in doing the TSB Points% category -- I think it takes the fun part of certain sports speedruns (X Points) and combines it with, as HowDoUPlay said, the worst part (run the clock out).

I hope it's still worth considering an X Points category. I would hate for there to be a consensus of "it's too late because a similar category exists."

Washington, USA

Oh I'm still very interested in what people think, and would like to see more opinions on the idea. I still feel this is better than Points%. But I also don't want to put too many categories out there, and diminish the value of podium places. Points% cannot be replaced, because I already created it and that would be unfair to those who have put in work on the category. Perhaps this could be a miscellaneous category. I'll keep an eye on this thread.

Minnesota, USA

yo that sounds fun id say add it even if its just a misc category :)

Florida, USA

I've given this a good deal of thought. I've come up with one potential answer.

10 Scores (or 10 Scoring Plays)

Touchdown counts as 1. Extra Point counts as 1. Field Goal counts as 1. Safety counts as 1.

Clock stops when you score ten times.

This would make it different enough to justify its own category. It would also require strategies different to what many of us have done in the other categories, namely shooting for safeties and power defense as a method to score. There could even be restrictions on the editing of playbooks, ect. that could prevent the category from becoming entirely "single strat or bust".

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