How do I reset?
3 years ago
Tennessee, USA

Hello, I'm interested in speedruning teardown and I've practiced a little bit but there's one problem. When im ready to do a full run of the game I won't know how to do a reset. Theres nothing on the game menu to delete a save file and I've looked at guides and I cant find anything. So how do I reset teardown?

Also, is there a way I can keep my original save file so I can load up that file when I want to?

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New Jersey, USA

Hi, you'll need to delete your savefile which, for Windows, is stored in Documents/Teardown/ by default, the filename is "savegame.xml"

If you want to keep your original savefile, just rename it to something else, like "savegame.xml.backup" and then rename it "savegame.xml" when you want to use it

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United States

Go to options and it should be at the bottom of the "game" settings

New Zealand

bit late man, this was 2 years ago before that option existed.