The Newest TeardownTools is out!
3 months ago
Washington, USA

After a long wait it's finally here. Thank you all for your patience.

I've been using a working version for a while now as people may have noticed, this version of the tool SwankyKoala helped me get working, but I do owe credit to Smellyalater and Bigpumkin for making the first tool. I've been trying to get it looking better for a while now and I finally made small changes to the end screen ui to make all the information fit properly, and I've been trying to figure out how to add the " legal" bit that was on the previous version of TeardownTools but I haven't figured out how to yet, so instead of waiting until then I just decided to make it official as it is right now. I also had to make sure it worked and downloaded properly as well before making the patch live for everybody. I'll still look into how to add that other bit but it isn't really necessary at the moment. But it's finally here, thanks again for all your patience regarding this matter, and happy speedrunning!

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