Apjjm Timer v1.5

A python script which rewrites all map script files. Make a backup of the maps folder first. After you finish a run open the hpl.log in your save files folder and look for apjjm timer. (direct download)

By 961

Split Icons

Icons are from the achievements. (direct download)

By Frictional Games


Cellar Maze No Kaernk

This save file has saved in the second room but avoided the trigger that activates the water monster, so you have infinite time to practise the OoB boost. You can also die twice to remove the first spawn trigger. (direct download)

By SkyreonSkyreon


Any% Glitchless Splits

These splits include all of the loading screens for Any% Glitchless (direct download)

By TeravortryxTeravortryx

Any% Splits

These splits include all of the loading screens for Any% (direct download)

By jdlinkmaster


Alt-Tab Stuck Mouse Fix

In newer versions of Amnesia, a newer version of SDL.dll is used to address the issue where alt-tabbing out of the game while in fullscreen causes the mouse to get stuck and not letting you do anything. However, we have to play on the early 1.31 patch for the load remover to work. The solution before game version 1.311 or 1.4 came out was this post, which allows you to manually update SDL.dll. This way you have the benefits of the mouse fix on the later versions, while still being on the earlier version with the load remover working. (external link)

By plutomaniac

Amnesia: TDD Steam April 2016 Unpatch (OUTDATED)

Amnesia TDD got an update in April 2016 which broke the load remover and started causing crashes for some people, but thankfully not many files were changed. This zip file includes everything you need to unpatch your game. (direct download)

By TeravortryxTeravortryx