Half-Life Config

Install this config to make you move faster and jump higher. This lets you submit to the Half-Life miscellaneous category leaderboard. Move these inside the config directory in your game install folder. This will change the config for both TDD and Justine. It also increases the maximum saves kept from 20 to 200, so if you made that change yourself, you don't need to apply it again. (direct download)

By TeravortryxTeravortryx

load extender tool

This is a python program which can be used to extend save/load times. It won't work right outside of Windows. Hopefully someone will be able to fix that. (direct download)

Split Icons

Icons are from the achievements. (direct download)

By Frictional Games


Cellar Maze No Kaernk

This save file has saved in the second room but avoided the trigger that activates the water monster, so you have infinite time to practise the OoB boost. You can also die twice to remove the first spawn trigger. (direct download)

By SkyreonSkyreon


Any% Glitchless Splits

These splits include all of the loading screens for Any% Glitchless (direct download)

By TeravortryxTeravortryx

Any% No Quitouts Splits

These splits include all of the loading screens for Any% (direct download)

By jdlinkmaster

Any% Quitouts Splits

Includes route-specific splits for Choir :) (direct download)

By SkyreonSkyreon