Running the Game on Console
2 years ago
Oregon, USA

I bought this game in a combo pack on the switch for $3 and was escited to see it has a really cool speedrun, but I've noticed not a single person has submitted a run on a platform other than PC or Linux.

Are there any hurdles to running on console other than not having access to the debug tool to help you find collison boxes.

Thanks for the help in advance!



There are 2 console runs for TDD, and 4 for Justine on the leaderboards. There are indeed hurdles. For this game, the fastest PC route sort of works with some alternate strats. Some stuff have been patched, some stuff works, and some clips are console-only. It's a very interesting experience to say the least.

I have a playlist documenting all of the changes between PC and console releases, using the Switch version. (All console releases are based off of PC's 1.2 version.)

Furthermore, apart from the limited control scheme, console runs suffer from inconsistent slippery physics activation. You can read more about it on the Amnesia speedrunning wiki.

We shout out whenever there's a sale (about every other month), so you're able to get the PC Steam release for just $2, or the Epic Games Store version (which is also perfectly fine for PC platform speedrunning) occasionally for free.

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