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This is the Amnesia: The Dark Descent leaderboard changelog documenting all changes on the board. Below this message you will find the table of contents which links to each change sorted by date.

  • Rules

  • Fixed a few phrases and removed duplicate symbols.

  • Moderation Team

  • Skyreon joins the team.

  • Categories

  • Any% Glitchless has been split and renamed.

  • Any% Restricted is the new category name.

  • No Major Glitches and Glitchless are the sub categories.

  • Rules

  • No Major Glitches and Glitchless rules added.

  • Explanations [quote]You are not allowed to ascend off of MJSG (Must Jump Spam-Geometry).[/quote]

  • "Ascending" covers jumping upwards, which means Daniel is allowed to jump off of MJSG which makes him shoot forwards and/or downwards (horizontal boosts like stairs and gap jump).

  • To expand upon MJSG: You must jump-spam to stay on that piece of geometry. This covers geometry that Daniel cannot stand on at all without falling off. He is however allowed to stand on geometry where he is able to stay put for a little while (but will eventually fall down). A good example is the little corner between the two banisters in Entrance Hall. If walking/running into the corner, Daniel won't fall down immediately, he can jump from that corner, but he can't stay for long.

  • If you wish to read through the discussion which lead to the decision of splitting the category follow this link.

#25 November 2020

  • Moderation Team
  • Trigger joins the team.
  • Categories

  • Jumpless added as a new miscellaneous category.

  • Half-Life (Out of Bounds) and Half-Life (In-Bounds) have been merged.

  • Out of Bounds and In-Bounds are the sub categories.

  • Rules

  • Jumpless rules added.

  • Half-Life rules updated.

  • Categories

  • Individual Level (IL) leaderboard added.

  • Rules

  • IL rules added.

  • Categories
  • Any% Segmented removed as a miscellaneous category.
  • The segmented runs, as well as segmented runs for other Amnesia games, have been documented on the Amnesia speedrunning wiki.

#03 October 2022

  • Moderation Team
  • Cakeri joins the team.
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