Expanded and Updated Categories!
Expanded and Updated Categories!
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Hello Everyone, I wanted to fill everyone in, I added several new categories! Here is a List of all the Categories:

Single Match Regional Champion - 3 Rounds NEW! American Champion - 8 Rounds NEW! European Champion - 15 Rounds NEW! World Champion - 25 Rounds NEW! Super Champion - 35 Rounds - Renamed

The great thing about this is if you set a split in your timer for each championship you can get all the categories done in 1 run! Also you can grab your best match from the run and submit that as your single Match!

Looking Forward to seeing some people filling out the new categories!

Good Luck on the Runs!

Boil Em' Mash Em' AK_Potatoes

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New WR for 1 Match Category!

Hello Tag Team Community!

Let's give some Congratulations to ShesCharcore!!!!!!!!

It is awesome to see the amazing strategy she came up with. I would have never thought tagging out would have been faster! But, It takes advantage of the special move you get vs your RIVAL! Awesome Job!

Boil E

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