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(If we want, we can keep any future tips confined to this thread.)

I haven't tried the advice given in Guru's guide, but there is one point that seems like it could be done more effectively. To quote, "Another value you should change is your GamesPlayed to 0, after 7 games you will unlock the next power-up so keep this folder open and save over it every time you unlock the razor."

That doesn't seem like much effort, but I'd like to note that the step can be avoided by pressing escape as soon as the wrong dad is hit. There is some time between the hit and the reset screen showing up where you can press escape and the data values will remain unchanged. This was the way I did it before, and I would delete the data folder, if I ever missed the opportunity enough times. The game automatically re-creates the folder. With the info that Guru has provided, the folder can be edited to a player's liking, then left alone, instead of repeatedly editing it or deleting it.

As I said, I haven't tried Guru's method, so my old method might be less efficient.

Update: it looks like each method balances each other out. For the efficiency gained with one method, there is a loss that the other method makes up for.

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just change games played to -99 and you wont be bothered for a while ^^

New Jersey, USA

Haha, wow really?


yea, simplifys the whole running by a lot

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Wow I never even realized that, thanks for the great advice