The Guru, New speedrun category
7 years ago
United States

As I promised I am adding a few new categories to the SWYDS speed running community. The first category is named "The Guru". This category aims to fulfill what previous ones are lacking and that is playing more of the game than one game mode.

Your objective is much like that of a marathon, compete in several different "events" (game modes) and show your aptitude for the game.

Rules: -You must first enter EnduroDad scoring 10 points with any dad of your choosing -Next goto Dadathalon and again score 10 points -Following is Dad-divisions you must again score 10 points but this time with each character (all three dads must be at 10) -Last up is Inglorious Bath Dads, you must catch 10 black dads and shoot down at least 10 of the other dads.

I hope that this game mode will bring new life to this game as well as entertain those who are looking to run other categories.

Haute-Normandie, France

Meh why not


how do i unlock inglorius bathdads?

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United States

I am sorry for the late reply I did not get a notification for this, however here is a great forum on Steam that shows you how to unlock all the game modes and achievements