*IMPORTANT* MESENRTA: Encouraged MESEN version to use for speedruns
2 years ago

It has been brought to my attention that MESEN RTA's hit version 0.0.6, with a wide array of features that will help moderation. It retains MESEN's well-known accuracy while providing avenues for game moderators to ensure the game is being played clean. This fork namely does provide info on the ROM used, the type of reset used, the ROM's SHA1 hash to validate the rom being used as appropriate. More info in the video below.

SpaceColonizer's video:

Needless to day, this fork is most definitely approved and encouraged as the main MESEN fork to use for speedrunning purposes, and we would like to encourage our MESEN users to migrate to this fork.

Link to the RTA Mesen fork: https://github.com/threecreepio/mesenrta/releases

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