Easy 100% sub6 runs retiming and future requirements
Easy 100% sub6 runs retiming and future requirements
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This is something that has been discussed with a few members of the community, namely active runners in top positions, and as times under 6 minutes tend to be real close to one another, they can't be left "rounded" either way. Therefore, all current sub6 times have been framecounted and adjusted, and future sub6 runs will require milliseconds as well. As for runs over 6 minutes, you may choose to include milliseconds if you so desire.

By the same token, there were a few times that were still following the older timing convention. Those were framecounted, and as a result, there has been movement within the top 12 players due to times that were not calculated properly in the first place. Those were mostly times of long time SDB pioneers such as Darkwing, feasel et al.

If you believe that similar requirements would be advisable for the less-played categories, or if you believe that ms should be enforced on the entire leaderboard, please let me know.

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