Community Thoughts on Moderating Post-Neo Update?
Community Thoughts on Moderating Post-Neo Update?
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Hi all,

As @paper2222 noted a few months ago, the Neo update to Super Hexagon will change the SR.C competition drastically. While it will be great to have all devices unified (in theory) under the same engine, the engine's "bug fixes" includes fixing In-Game Time to match real time. Because of this, it looks like all runs submitted with the new engine will be unable to be <2 minute times. This of course makes most of the leaderboard obsolete.

Is anyone aware of obvious signs to distinguish submitted runs that are on old vs Neo engines?

Any feedback on differences between old & Neo versions or ideas on a path forward would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to reply to my Forum thread or send me a direct message.

PS: If you're waiting on a run to be verified, this is why I have not verified them yet, and likely won't until the leaderboard is resolved.

Thanks, Machs

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Update on Moderating Post-Neo

Hi all,

Quick update: We appear to be close to a solution. I will update the SRC page further if this solution is able to be implemented.

Thank you for your patience,


1 month ago