Updates (April 4, 2021)
3 years ago


As of today, this Super Hexagon page had some updates including:

  • Addition of IL leaderboard for Hyper Hexagonist
  • Addition of misc. mode "awesome%"
  • Addition of new leaderboard trophies (this is not finalized)

There are currently plans to implement a new category (or two) into the leaderboards to account for different devices. This may look like a mobile-only category, a "glitchless" category, etc...

There is also potential for implementing an IL leaderboard for each of the 6 levels, however, since reaching a certain score simply changes your level to the next level up in difficulty (albeit without the timer restarting to zero), the decision to implement this has not been finalized.

Edit: With the timing start frame now specified, if you would like a run re-timed, feel free to reach out. The difference between past timing methodology and "updated" timing appears to be within (or very close to) the potential deviation error common to the timing software, but I will happily re-time any runs already on the leaderboard up to this point (April 8th) per request.

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This is very cool! I will look forward to it

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Hi all,

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