Defining Major Skips
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Differences between Any% and No Major Skips

Here is a simple cheatsheet for what is a Major Skip and what isn't.

  1. If a level is defined as free-roam by the developers, all bets are off and you can do whatever you want on that course, as they will not have any Major Skips. These free roam courses are:

Volcanic Valley

SNES Rainbow Road

  1. If the level has a pathway designed for the skip in mind, it's not a Major Skip, even if it does not show up on the minimap. Here are some good examples:

Northern District

Misty Maze

Sunbeam Paradise

  1. Checkpoint abuse in any shape or form is a Major Skip. No exceptions. Examples include the following:

Daytona Speedway, Hill Backtrack

Vanilla Hotel, Catwalk Backtrack

Regal Raceway, Tunnel Backtrack

  1. If a developer uses it in a time attack ghost in the time attack menu, it's fair game and not a Major Skip. Examples include:

Sand Hill, Spring Bounce

CK Chao Circuit 2, U-Turn Skip

  1. Lawnmowing in any shape or form is not considered a Major Skip as long as it's gone through all of the above conditions. Grass, Dirt, Snow, or other off-road elements are still considered part of the track. Examples include:

Green Hills, U-Turn Cut

Barren Badlands, Look At All This Sand Cut

SM Special Stage 3, The Legendary Lawnmower Debate U-Turn Cut

  1. If the shortcut is considered a Major Skip on the website at then it is a Major Skip. You can ask the developers if a skip is unintended if all the above conditions are not met.

Comments, suggestions, questions, and disputes can be settled in this very thread.

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