Important! Please Read
5 years ago
Ontario, Canada

The IL leaderboards are located at and you can submit replays there. Though, in the event something goes horribly wrong, I'll act as a back-up.

Videos are required if you are submitting a run that is in the top 5 ranks. This rule may be subject to change, or may be extended further if enough submissions come in.

Please include a speedometer during your run!

Michigan, USA is the mirror / new url for the records site

United States

Probably also worth noting, but I'd say that perhaps the rules should be updated to explicitly disallow lua characters (IE: Blue Falcon [] or Hornet MT/AT []) and require someone go and enter RA for a run to prove that no lua scripts are loaded (while more crafty individuals may be able to remove those checks, it can act as an initial integrity check alongside with watching a run itself).

In addition, it may be important to denote if a player should be using LAN mode for a run compared to offline (as an offline game allows for full pausing while LAN mode disallows it since it's a playerhosted server).


@Liberation Hello, as far as I know we haven't allowed Blue Falcon on the boards, and whilst we could do integrity checks we also check the runs with some high scrutiny to watch out for seemingly odd things (which is why we ask for runs to include the Speedometer).

Also pausing, whilst annoying, isn't necessarily disallowed because all runs submitted are sorted by RTA.