Regarding Versions
5 years ago
Ontario, Canada

This is our roadmap when concerning versions and SRB2Kart.

We're going to do our best to keep around notable versions. A good example is v1.0.1, which is basically the version with a bunch of track skips.

The latest version will always be a category. However, if there are any major changes in how the single player campaign is played (For example, CPUs being added, tracks getting added/removed, stuff being patched, mechanics being changed) they will be given their own section. All versios behind the new notable version will be grouped with the old notable version. For example, if v1.0.4 included some netcode changes, v1.0.3 will be grouped with it. But if v1.1.0 comes out with CPU AI racers a little later, v1.0.3 will be given its own category, and v1.0.4 grouped with it.

The reason I opened the board with a v1.0.1 Major Skips run was to help show players all the skips I knew collectively from the skip report thread so that, in the case they do get patched out, or if anyone wanted to try it themselves, they could. I'm not the most fantastic player by far, it c an definitely be beaten (you're more than welcome to give it a try!)

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I think that aside of denoting v1.0.1 for the major track skips, the off-road changes in v1.0.3 (IIRC) might also warrant its own denotation in the future. Being unable to charge MTs while boosting over off-road has changed my driving outcome slightly in a few tracks compared to older versions, namely Hill Top, Egg Zeppelin, Vanilla Hotel and Ancient Tomb to name a few cases. It might not be too necessary, though, it's arguably a minor change, but it's a change I felt I had to point out nonetheless, in case it might've gone unnoticed. :P

Also, a bit off-topic here, but when it comes to characters in general, I think it would be easier to optimize the leaderboards if characters are displayed as a variable (same as how Version is currently a variable). Having characters as a variable could allow for easier updating of character lists while minimally affecting and cluttering the leaderboard (especially useful if additional characters like bonuschars.kart are going to be used). It would also make comparison easier by having the runs all displayed in a fewer amount of tables, regardless of character.

While each character has an unique feel to them, I don't think they change the racing categories in a meaningful way to warrant 5 copies of said racing category, one per character... so instead, flexibility via variables is encouraged.

Just some thoughts about it. I don't really mind the outcome too much since I'll be doing runs that fit and don't fit the established mold either way, but since I'm at this, I figure I would at the very least try suggesting about putting characters into a leaderboard variable. I think it's more important to give room for race categories first, followed by defining whether it's Skips/No Skips. Anything else feels like it'd be a bit too much clutter, and character tabs make it so that implementing runs with additional characters in the future will become a lot harder and messier.

But yeah, wall of text aside, I'm really glad that a SRB2Kart leaderboard page is in place here. Thanks for all the hard work so far!

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Ontario, Canada

Does 1.0.2 have changes from 1.0.3 at all, other than patching a plethora of major skips? I'd need to find out from someone to be sure.

Georgia, USA

Where can old versions be downloaded?

Ontario, Canada

We have a v1.0.1 somewhere but that's about it. you'd have to ask around the community for the others at this point, I'm afraid. We're mostly missing v1.0.2