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what does NBS, NG+, NLS, and NMS mean

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NBS stands for "No Balloonist Skip" - Balloonist Skip (and Fairy Storage) shortens the Spyro 1 Any% category to just Artisans, the Peace Keepers homeworld and some of Gnorc Gnexus.

NG+ stands for "New Game+" - this is widely known in speedrunning as essentially beating the game again with more abilities unlocked. In SRT, you can acquire a permanent superflame powerup in Dragon Shores after beating Spyro 2 100%, or even utilise something known as "Level Storage".

NLS stands for "No Level Storage" - this ability can be acquired in Spyro 2, though it is quite tricky at first. LS gives you the abilities you have in S2 Speedways, so you can use superflight/supercharge wherever you go. As this is very different from the vanilla Spyro experience, LS is only allowed in certain categories, usually NG+.

NMS stands for "No Major Skips" - the theme here is if there is something like Balloonist Skip or Level Storage available, NMS categories will not allow them.

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After a lot of discussion, we have decided to ban the use of coveless in Spyro 1 Any% NBS, and create a miscellaneous category called Any% NBS 1.0 for the runs that currently use it. It's been a tough decision, and not one that we're really happy with, but we believe that its best for the fairness a

1 year ago