Can I just use game timer for ‘in-game’ speed?
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Can I just use game timer for ‘in-game’ speed?
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I’m extremely new to the speed running community, so apologies in advance for the question, which may be obvious.

I plan on speed running Spyro the Dragon (Reignited Trilogy) on the PS5 at some point today or tomorrow. I’ll record the footage for YouTube but my question is, do I need to calculate my in-game time or is this something that moderators do? Or can I just show the ‘in-game’ clock seen as it times things without loading times etc.?

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Yes, for console runs you just show the in game timer in the guidebook at the end of your run

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You can also quit to the main menu after finishing the run to display your save slot's IGT

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On the same note as surf on console you can even close the application and relaunch it so if you for whatever reason didn't pause immediately at the end of your run, by closing and relaunching the application it will show the IGT you had upon completion and not the 1-3 seconds you may have lost by pausing too slow

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Hello new to speedrunning here I have already done a few runs for spyro the dragon and massively increased my pb I have never submitted a run because I stream from console so can't get a splits or overal timer on the video is it still possible to submit runs aslong as I show my in-game timer at the end ?

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Hello, all we need to be able to verify a run is a video showcasing the run, and evidence of IGT included in that video. Then we can work out the RTA using the video, those are the only required details for Console submissions.

One note about video evidence, please make sure you submit a link to a highlight of the run, and not a past broadcast, since they automatically disappear after a few weeks.

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