Hey! This spreadsheet compiles all the known (and new!) tricks and strategies from the Spyro Reignited Trilogy (SRT). Please get in touch if you have new clips to add! (external link)
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This save file contains completed 337, 337 NMS and Any% NMS runs. Useful for neo vortex, some NG+ runs (Spyro 2 NG+ Any% too) etc.. Not compatible with Spyro 2 100% (not NLS, normal one). How to setup: downloaded savefile put on your USB flash drive CUSA12085 folder here: X:\PS4\SAVEDATA\4317026ccf106d1f where is X - your letter of flash drive. Then, on PS4, go to settings -> Application Saved Data Management -> Saved Data in USB Storage Device -> Copy to System Storage. Might be working on xbox and switch as well but no guarantee about it. Readme file contains same info, in case if you need. (direct download)
Here is some clear splits! These are PC splits so they include a loadless timer but you can just delete it :D (direct download)
some more splits (direct download)