Handheld sprash
6 years ago
Orkney, Scotland

If someone were to do a run of: -All handheld crash games (XS, N-Tranced, Fusion, CNK and Titans) -All handheld spyro games (Ice, Fire, Fusion, AotR, ANB and TEN) -Both

Would we be able to get a section for handheld sprash? Not planning on it soon, just wondering for when there is time.

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Colorado, USA

Yeah, sounds good.

Orkney, Scotland

I should clarify, by handheld, I am solely referring to the GBA titles. Although it could be expanded to DS titles as well.

Orkney, Scotland

I've done both Crash GBA any% and Crash GBA 507%. Would we be able to get a category for those?

Orkney, Scotland

Only three years later, finally finished a Spyro GBA 6 game run

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