Add a 400% category (I changed my mind about the 421)
2 years ago
Queensland, Australia

300% for N.Sane Trilogy and 100% for Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Rules:

  • Games have to be done in order (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Timer starts when you press new game on crash bandicoot
  • Timer ends when you get the 100% message appear on crash 4: iat
  • You’re allowed up to 2 nine hour sleep brakes where you can pause the timer
  • Any breaks taken after those 2, the timer has to keep going
  • You’re allowed any form of guide to help you through the route/run
  • No cheating, hacking or modding (obviously)
Ontario, Canada


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Delaware, USA

lol nice pasta

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Colorado, USA

Use this thread to link your run when you finish it and I'll add it! Good luck, gamer.

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Queensland, Australia

thank you so much, I’m currently making a document for the routing. I’m halfway through CB section of the route. I’ll link the doc once I’m done and also link the run. (the run might be uploaded here in around a month to two months so sorry if that might take awhile.)

Queensland, Australia

Buying capture card today

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Hampshire, England

Does anyone know where i can find an ASL for the crash games on livesplit it says that there isn't an auto splitter available but i have seen steamers use one.

Colorado, USA

Check the resources page for each individual game's leaderboard. To my knowledge, Crash NST, CTRNF, and Crash 4 IAT have them.