2 years ago
North Carolina, USA

I was looking at the different percentages that all the game have and I saw that if you do the 100% for EtD and 106% for WoC, it gives the very satisfying number of 1500%

So I'm curious as to if running the OG Crash games, OG Spyro games, The N. Sane Trilogy, The Reignited Trilogy, Enter The Dragonfly and the Wrath of Cortex has ever been suggested.

There are other more insane categories I've seen on this site, so I figured I would offer that idea. Thank you for considering!

Colorado, USA

Where's your run?

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Massachusetts, USA

Something similar I've been toying with for a while is a Sprash Decathlon - Crash 1, 2, 3, TWoC, Twinsanity and Spyro 1, 2, 3, EtD, and AHT all 100%. Only game stopping me at this point from doing it is probably A Hero's Tail, but maybe one day.

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Colorado, USA

I've had the same idea in mind for many years, robthegamer115. It would be exciting to see one player with decent times in all of those categories since there's hardly any overlap in runners for some of those.