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There should be a glitch-less category for the Collector. I'm pretty sure it is impossible to beat the 1st place run as without wall jumping, it takes too long to get inside and out of the house, making the run unbeatable without using the same strategy. In my run, I have to go all the way around the house and back around to win. In Mojo's run, all he has to do is jump up a wall and steal before jumping off the balcony. I could never beat that without doing the same thing.

My run:

Mojojojo's run:

United States

The wall jump can be used in quite a few levels, like The Stash House for example, so I think a glitched separate category is needed, especially because the wall jump is now patched. Right now the only way to get the wall jump is to downpatch, and I have a guide detailing how to do so. I also had to update this thread with a new comment because the steam console method of downpatching has stopped working for me since. I have found a guide to depot download older versions of games anyways though. Here's the link to the thread.


I am aware that the site needs updates and changes, in a couple of weeks I will work on these renovations.

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