How to wall jump in Sneak Thief 1.0
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Wall jumping in Sneak Thief 1.0 was a bug that if you were next to a wall, you could literally just jump off it infinitely, the best use for this seemingly being in "The Collectors" level, because you can just wall jump through the door on the balcony at the top instead of going all the way around through the back door.

The problem is, this glitch was patched, so here's a tutorial on how to get the specific version of "Sneak Thief 1.0 - Hotfix 3," the one before wall jumping got patched.

First, your gonna need to get the steam console, there's many ways of doing this, but one way is to just type "steam://open/console" in to any browser, it'll ask to open steam, and then just say yes. Then type in

"download_depot 508550 508551 7352770064168848358".

then just sit back and wait for it to download. Once it's done (which it will say in the console once it is) then it will say where it was saved too, hopfully you know how to get there, but if you don't, then by default, it should now in the "content" folder of the "steamapps" folder in the "steam" folder.

That sounds confusing, but you can also just go to any installed steam game in your steam library, right click it, and under the "manage" tab it says "browse local files", once you go here, click back to where it says "steamapps" in the search bar, and then click the "content" folder in here, then to "app_508550" and then to "depot_508551" and from here, you can just open "SneakThief01.exe".

I shouldn't have to explain how to wall jump but just keep jumping while right next to a wall, you'll get it very easily (I hope.)

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one thing to note, it looks like if you do literally anything on your computer during the depot download process after pressing "enter" in the console, with the "download_depot 508550 508551 7352770064168848358" line, then it'll stop entirely, and the only reason to get it after that is to start over (as far as I know), and do absolutely nothing the next time, feel free to wait on your phone or something, because otherwise steam will glitch out and stop the download without even telling you. I noticed that I had downloaded 10 gigabytes in about 6 minutes, but then when I switched to a tab of YouTube, 30 minutes later, it was still at 10 gigabytes, and console doesn't even let you know about that!

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Hey, future 2024 Mojo coming in here for a quick update. This is the steam console method that I describe using. The problem is that this method has stopped working for me, and it hasn't been working for a long time now, so I'll update this guide with a new method that DOES work for me. So, there's something on github called the DepotDownloader. This does exactly what you'd think it does. It allows you to download depots on Steam, while still requiring you to own the game as to prevent piracy. There is a YouTube guide on how to use this, which is right here:

Below is the command that you must use in order to get the specific version of Sneak Thief 1.0, Hotfix #3. This is the last patch before the wall jump bug was fixed. This patch was before the performance updates, so I would still recommend playing on performance graphics settings, with no anti-aliasing. You also have to make sure that powershell is in the directory of the folder where DepotDownloader is installed, the way to do that is explained in that YouTube guide. Anyway, here's the command that is required for the DepotDownloader method:

.\DepotDownloader.exe -app 508550 -depot 508551 -manifest 7352770064168848358 -username (username) -password (password)

If you have email verification on, then it will ask for the code from that too. Just go to your email and put in the code that it says in powershell. Oh, and also get rid of the parenthesis around "(username)" and "(password)" of course.

Anyway, that's all for now. Bye.

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