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  • After over 8 hours, we have successfully switched to the counting with milliseconds system.
  • Did some changes/fixes within the rules' "controls" part.


  • The Sneak Thief Speedrunning Community was running with seconds counting system for over 7 years, but this led to dozens of tied WRs and reduced the competition. Therefore I have decided to change the system to millisecond counting.


  • I hope this change will increase the competition and make the site a bit more good-looking. If you want to beware of the latest community updates that are related to the Sneak Thief but not the SRC, I advise you to join the Sneak Thief Discord server.
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  • I am very glad to announce the opening of the Discord server. I got the idea a month ago and started working on it two weeks ago, I hope you like it, it will not be strict so enjoy your stay.


  • I should add and change many things, so why did I open it while it's undone? I got impatient, and I will take a vacation for 5 days I will not be able to use my main Discord server, so in that time you can go and check the server and suggest things.
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We had a bunch of people who misunderstood the rules and sent runs that did not fit the rules, but no one can blame them since our rules weren't even close to being tidy and self-explanatory. Therefore I changed the main look of the rules, added dozens of things, and overall tried to make it a lot better.


With the new rules being set up there are many new things that we should be careful about, sadly sending runs will be a little harder because there are more things to take care of before sending a run. But it's very important to understand these rules are important for an equal and fair environment for all runners and everyone should obey these rules including moderators for the good of the community.


There is a rule I want to point out, which is the re-binding keys. Clicking is one of the most important aspects of the community and re-binding keys is a huge game changer if used right, but it is not an in-game technique or a glitch or a bug, therefore it's an out-factor that affects the gameplay and every out-factor is unallowed to be used, especially re-binding keys because allowing it would open a huge diff between almost all levels which would decrease the importance of past runs significantly, this problem can be solved with opening a new category where re-binding keys are allowed and I will work on the new categories, but for now this category can't allow re-binding keys.


Many of the current runs don't fit the new rules, but most of them are not game-changers and just make the process of verifying whether a run is fair or not harder. Therefore the runs that have been sent before today will not be touched but the ones that used re-binding keys. Every run that used re-binding keys will be removed, within that time you may be asked to provide proof that you didn't use re-binding keys in your run, and some of them may be removed without asking if obvious. But still, if your run gets removed and you think you didn't use re-binding keys, then message me through or Discord.


I tried to make the rules enough clear and set them up to make sure every run was legitimate, fair, and equal. I believe they are good enough but if you think any rule needs to be changed, added, or removed, again contact me from or Discord.

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Many have probably noticed a large removal of runs from the leaderboard, this is due to a rule violation that many top runners are guilty of. So allow me to reiterate the rules of the game here.


I believed it was obvious within the rules that "no external program" included the use of autoclickers, clearly I was wrong.

I've heard reports that the previous moderator allowed such things, and to those who had approval I'm sorry but a line is being drawn and your run is remaining removed.

If your run was removed and you did NOT use an autoclicker then please message me on Discord Ninjaflipper#0128, or on, though I will respond to Discord much quicker.

There will not be a new leaderboard being created either.

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With the (sorta) recent release of the 1.0, or "full" release of Sneak Thief the leaderboards have been split!

This new release comes with 100% new level design, virtually everything about the game besides the simple layout of the level have been changed. All codes in the game are now completely randomized 4 number codes, enemies have far better aim, the amount of enemies, and enemy positions have been changed. Guns are different, level pathing is different, the bastards gave Nuclear 30 foot walls!

So, evidently the leaderboards were in need of being split, new Legacy runs are still very much accepted.

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  • After over 8 hours, we have successfully switched to the counting with milliseconds system.
  • Did some changes/fixes within the rules' "controls" part.
  • The Sneak Thief Speedrunning Community was running with seconds counting system for over 7
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