Can Dark and Darker Side be on the level leaderboards?
5 years ago

I don’t get why they shouldn’t!

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You go to the kingdom several times in at least Darker Side. Not to mention, ILs are for completing the level as fast as possible in general.

Ohio, USA

I think (s)he means the Dark Side and Darker Side levels and not portions of the Dark or Darker Side categories, but I could be wrong.

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What would the requirements for Dark Side be? Beat the 4 broodals and the mechabroodal?

New Jersey, USA

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm not sure why they're not added, but I'll bring it up to the other mods and see what they think.


I meant that timing starts at Odyssey and finishes on multi moon grab. EDIT: You only have to get multi moon on Dark Side and not the other 23 moons.

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seems like it should already be a thing, I see no reason why dark and darker side ils shouldn't be on the leaderboard