All Unique Moons Powerpoint Route

Complete guide detailing every Moon, Checkpoint, and Regional Coin collected in the All Unique Moons route. (external link)

By TimpaniTimpani

Any% Full Guide

A playlist of Super Mario Odyssey Speedrunning Tutorials. (external link)

By Smallant1Smallant1

Discord Server

The community hub where the numerous players and watchers of SMO congregate to chat and such! (external link)

By NinpalkNinpalk

Equan's Best Possible Time Sheet

A document containing the fastest segments for each section in the any% run. At its core, this is essentially a humanly possible TAS route. (external link)

By EquanimityEquanimity

Powerpoint for 100% Route

Current route I use for 100%, covers potential backups and alternate coin grinding methods. (external link)

By TimpaniTimpani

SMO Fadeout AutoSplitter (external link)

By TischelTischel

Strat Tutorials

A playlist of strat tutorials, this will be added to when new videos are produced. (external link)

By TomshiiiTomshiii

Strat/Tech Sheet (external link)

By TechTech

World Record Progression (All Categories)

A spreadsheet of the full history of the Super Mario Odyssey World Records in each category (external link)




Any% Splits

for use with livesplit. some blank splits and graphics for use in the Any% category (maybe World Peace too.) (direct download)

By GoomEeveeGoomEevee

AUM Splits

Here are LiveSplit splits for the most common AUM route as of 2019. (direct download)

By SnailRunsSnailRuns