Version 1.0.1 released - Overworld OOB patched
Version 1.0.1 released - Overworld OOB patched
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Super Mario Bros. Wonder has finally received its first update, and as many would have expected: the "Overworld Out of Bounds" exploit has been patched. Check #announcements in the discord ( for further details.

If you have any interest in using the glitch, you should not update the game and you should consider turning on aeroplane mode if you want to be extra safe. If you have not disabled auto-updates on your Switch the game may have updated on its own already but you may be able to quickly turn it off in the settings and keep yourself on 1.0.0.

-The SMB Wonder Moderation Team

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100% and All Badges Leaderboard Changes

Hello Wonder runners!

We have just concluded our poll in the SMBW Speedrunning Discord regarding the "All Badges" category, and it has been determined that the category will now be under the 100% subcategory "No Standees." This also means that true 100% runs will be found under "100% - Standees."

6 days ago
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