Idea: Wonder flowerless
4 months ago

Just an idea for a type of run. Similar to minimum captures for Mario Odyssey.

I've started a casual play through to see if it is possible. I am currently stuck at Shining falls, The Final Trial: Zip Dash. If anyone can skip the wonder effect, please say something.

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You are unfortunately forced to play certain mandatory levels with the Wonder flower on, Zip Dash is one of them because it's the only way to get to the real exit.

KnucleFest is also a good example, you are required to pick the Wonder Flower to complete the level.

And let's not talk about the last levels of W5.

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Couldn't you just skip all of world 3 with the out of bounds glitches? But yeah KnuckleFest, Poison Ruins, and Poplin Rescue are mandatory. I think collecting only these 3 flowers would be an interesting category, especially with world skips. It would force you to play a lot more levels than you normally would in worlds 4, 5, and 6, so with world skips Minimum Flowers might be almost as long as ARS.

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maybe also like min caps in SMO, you would just have it so you do the minimum amount of wonder flowers, with the minimum being different on different versions

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Could you skip Poplin Rescue flower with Bubble or not? If yes, that would leave only 2 mandatory flowers.

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I think you need the flower for the seed to actually be there. And you need the seed for the royal seed.

After some testing and experimenting, I have found it possible to beat The Final Trial: Zip Track Dash and An Uncharted Area: Wubba Ruins without triggering a wonder effect.

The first one mentioned requires you to head to the false exit, bubble jump up to above the zip track and wall jump and cap glide untill you make it to the top, where the real exit is.

The latter one requires you to have the drill power up and the safety bounce badge equipped. Head to the pipe which would normally lead to the false exit. Jump down into the hole, safety bounce upwards and drill into the ceiling will allow you to make it through to the real exit.

If I can get the videos on here I will.

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both of these were already known and i find it quite odd a moderator made such a quick false claim

zip track wonder skip is theoretically faster for rta runs but far too difficult to even think about implementing

wubba ruins wonder skip is used in an IL

both strategies shown below


I like this idea

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