Why do we need our video on the internet?
9 months ago
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I've been wondering, why do we need our runs to be somewhere on the internet like twitch or YouTube? Would it really be so hard to make it possible to just make a way to give them a video file?

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You are the only person to able to look at your files so no one could verify it without it being on YouTube or Twitch

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United States

burden of proof that you did it legit/uploaded it yourself attracting more viewers people can analyze the run and give you advice rep in the com many reasons why ive never speedran mario 64 but those r just my thoughts

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Aren't OneDrive links allowed if they are public?


Its a proof that your runs are legit.

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The answer is twofold. One, the video needs to be publically accessible. If you could just send it to a single mod, then you would only need to convince one mod to submit any time you wanted. Mods are chosen for trustworthiness, of course, but there's been scandals in the past where big video game communities had a single mod that turned out to be complicit in faking scores, if not faking scores themselves (shoutouts to Twin Galaxies).

Two, speedrun.com can't just host the video themselves because videos are relatively large files, and speedrun.com has thousands if not millions of runs by now, and they do not have the money to store that many files, let alone serve them to all comers over the internet.

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9 months ago

@goldenONX :false:

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The video can also be set to unlisted if you want only the people who use src to see it.

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How can verifiers verify your run if it's not on the internet?

Also Speedrun.com probably doesn't have the servers to just host thousands of videos on their site but even so, uploading it to YouTube or Twitch will be way easier and way faster.

If you want to give a video file to someone you'll have to upload it somewhere first, that's how data works.

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